Looking forward

Looking forward
May 2, 2018
Passage: Exodus 20:1-5
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Introduction; I do encourage all of us to pay the greatest attention today like you have never done as far as church is concerned. Please women, I will encourage to exercise the greatest level of spirituality and listening ability to understand what God is saying to the men, so that you don’t feel offended. What I am going to be saying today will not be politically correct to the entire world, but since we are Christians, children of the almighty living God, I do crave your indulgences.
The world, and the church, in trying to define men, and provide us with a specific purpose in life, has concluded by reducing us to basic standard of women servers and nothing else. The outcome of this is that under our very noses, we are seeing the downtrodden transformation in society, the church, the home, and government. I am not trying to create a racial or sexual divide. But if you don’t listen with the ear of God, you might leave this room today thinking that the pastor just established a chasm between men and women.
Every message you may have heard over the recent past concerning men, or Father’s Day is the beat down of men, and how they need to serve, please, or love their wives. I think we should stop preaching, or teaching that, and find out what are the actual God given responsibility of MEN.
Because of our egos, men are not rising to become the individuals God expected us to become. We are put in certain environment to either learn or develop from others. But our ego is acting as our repellants. For example, you cannot grow to certain level if you don’t have a coach, mentor or instructor. The failure, men, instead of being mentored, we set ourselves up for background competition. How do we know if we are competing with our mentor, coach or instructor, when our sole purpose is to identify their failures or mistakes instead of learning the real stuffs that God brought you, or them in each other’s life? (Bulletin Statement).
When we desist from learning the lessons, we enter serious struggles with ourselves most of the time, and with others certain period of the time (VIOLENT, and WIFE BULLY). When we get to that level, our basic mode of operations is the flesh. Then we begin to do the unthinkable, (Lie, fight, get angry, frustrated, tantrum etc.). Then our wives or girlfriends who are detailing us begins to use that against us to their own advantages. The outcome, instead of us becoming who God wants us to become, we are now puppets in the hands of our ladies. (Be patients with me we are going somewhere).
Eve was nowhere in sight when God gave the authority and direction to Adam. But then Adam did exactly what society and the church has caused us to do today, gazing on the beauty of Eve, and the slenderness of her figure and completely swallowed all the messages for better relationship and spiritual survival for the both. While Adam was not paying attention, Eve was busy engaging and flaunting her beauty to the serpent who eventually deceived her. Adam, probably did not pass on the information prior to her existence. (Warning: Ladies, if you have a Christian husband, or Boyfriends, allow God to lead him as he leads the relationship. If, you are a woman, don’t mess with a man who is not a Christian, you might be shutting heaven door in front of you because God is not going to be dealing with that man…Until...).
When God Asked Abram to depart and take no one, he used the human thinking and brought Lot. When they were going, God told him not to enter certain cities, Abram did and had to tell lies about his relationship with his wife. He did that two times and what happened, he lost his credibility with Sarah. Then when it was time for Sarah to do her own thing, she categorized on all the mishaps of Abram in the past to justify her situation. (Most time people wonder what happened with Abram for Sarah to convinced him to sleep with Hagar and produce a child for her). I can say this justifiable, now that I am a man an understands how women operates. She must have bamboozled him over his past failures and coerced him to succumbed to her demands. Pastor Manfred where did you get that doctrine from. Well I see it in the aftermath of God’s direction again to Abraham about Isaac. The scripture said Abraham did not discuss the matter with Sarah, early in the morning, he got up with the boy and the servant and all the required items and left to go obey God.
When God was ready to talk with Moses, the initial messages on the 10 Commandments were surrounded around the manly discipline of Moses himself and the further relationship with god. 3-4 (Not to make an Image in the form of anything in heaven, earth, or under the earth).
Godin talking about us loving our spouses, he was exclusive with his direction in Ephesians 5:23—end. Husband’s love your wife as Christ love the church. Wife’s submit to your husband as on to the Lord. The requirements are as on to the Lord.
Men, the purpose for which God has directed leadership to us is not because he forgot women, but the components that are involving. Long ago, even before Adam world, Satan had already fallen. That was why when God created them for fellowship he gave Adam the stern warning, he is saying these words to Moses, because those where the exact areas, and continually the exact areas that men are violating God’s purposes for their lives. The Bible calls them the weaker vessels; the Bible says the desires of women will be in the hands of men (Not bringing money in the home Proverbs: 31:10-31). At whatever level women, can achieve, they are desiring the input and output of a man….