Terror of the Lost Word


Bible Text: 1 Kings 11:1-43 | Preacher: Manfred Carew

Introduction: Last week we were high up the mountain. Perhaps you all left here with one determination to be vigilant in the study of the word of God. If that was your determination, GREAT!! Today, I want to encourage you to continue with that promise to yourself. Because what we are studying today shows the real downside of not keeping up with your Bible and not obeying it.
I am aware that most of the time when you talk about you being a Christian or even going to church, people look at you as SHIT. You can break that YOKE when you keep your focus on God. Let the people see God in you and destroy their philosophies rather you keep fighting with them and end up being stupid. Edward Deming (2013) said “IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO DO YOUR BEST, YOU MUST KNOW WHAT TO DO, AND THEN DO YOUR BEST.”
The Story:
Seventeen years after, King Solomon was approaching his 40th Birthday. Some unbelievable things start happening. After the first seventeen years of his Kingship, Solomon gradually began to wane from the things of God. HE BEGAN TO DETRIORIATE SPIRITUALLY. The question is How and WHY? Well let’s examine the text, examine your life, examine the church, and examine the world as a whole. In King Solomon’s case it was Bad habit, bad influence, Twisting the word of God, Aligning the word of God with believed traditions and practices. Too many women, religious exaggeration over spiritual relationship with the Almighty God!
If you have an inquiry mind like myself, you will wonder why did Solomon not chose women from the Jewish clans rather that stray so far. (Please laugh at yourself). Who is going to be committing Sin, within the same arena? If he was going to date Jewish women, maybe that would have curtailed the amount to 3 or 4 like his Daddy, and then the women will reject the offer because they fear the Lord. (All the wives were of Royal Decent…V3).
The Very Sad verse in the entire Bible, (1 Kings 11:4). ‘As Solomon grew Old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of his father had been.” CHEMOSH god of the Moabites, Sex god; MOLEK, Fertility god, god of AMMONITES; ASHTORETH, goddess of the Sidonians, the god of Plenty. (Discuss these)!
Last Week:
Last week when the Lord was on the throne in King Solomon’s heart, we were counting the number of blessings, monetarily and the like that was pouring in to His kingdom in droves by heathen kings, because of his dedication to the word of God. Today the mathematics is based on the calculations on the women and their respective time to spend time with King Solomon.
300 wives + 700 Concubines = 1000
The days of the year are 365 days. It will take 730 days that is 2 years to see the face of one woman with 270 days waiting period after his sees one. (No wonder he had only one child). As his bedroom increases, his relationship with God decreases.
If you were here last week I asked the question, what brings satisfaction to us. I gave series of factors. Now just observed what is happening to this wonderful God fearing man, just because of the neglect of the WORD of God. The reason for our running away from God and unsatisfying minds is the lack of the Word and the Love of God in our hearts.

After World War II, Many French Soldiers were scattered all over the country, with the unfortunate disease of AMNESIA (Memory loss). After they went through the registration and conscription for Soldiers, 32 soldiers were left who cannot be accounted for. No registration, no name, no trace, no picture, no references, and nobody could recognize them. Nobody could identify them.
The government of France decided to open the OPERA house, what was left of it and make a public display of these 32 men, maybe someone will identify them and pick them up. Announcement was made all over France for people who did not find their loved ones after the conclusion of the War. The theatre was packed, dark but all the lights were concentrated on the stage. One after the other they let these men come out in the bright light to be identified. As they came each with their hands up, the statement was: DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW WHO I AM?
Similar possibilities?
Probable some of the crash into the army, the only right thing to do at that time. To avoid the following: foreign detection, the only safe place to work. Or to protect family members by keeping away or getting involved so as to bring news when plans are being made that will have negative consequences on their families. As a disguise etc. Now at the end of the War, they could not even identify themselves due to AMESIA, and majority could n ID them.
In a similar scenario, many people have joined the church for many good reasons, but it must be for the BEST REASONS. Because at the end, The Bible makes it clear who we are “Sons of God in (Galatians 3), NEW Creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5), and Children of god and joint heir to his kingdom (Romans 8). This is the backdrop: If you are satisfied by just crashing in the church or for all good reasons like the soldiers I just mentioned, it will come a time when either here or over there when you will be moving from place to place shouting DOES ANYBODY OUR THERE KNOW WHO I AM?
PLEASE INDIVIDUAL ‘S Let’s Take the Word of God serious. READ it Every day. Meditate upon it daily, pray daily, and by so doing, you will be building relationship here on earth with the church and over there with Christ. So if you happen to go before the people you already know here. There will be no reason for you to be shouting. Your identity will be made PERFECTLY CLEAR.