The Focus on the Word of God

The Focus on the Word of God
April 17, 2016
Passage: Proverbs 13:22; 1 Kings 10:1-29
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Introduction: Look at the world today and tell yourself what do I see. Please perform this exercise individually and try to find an answer to how your analysis plays out. The church has become so greedy and out of place that we have lost touch with the reality of what God intends for us to comprehend about him in terms of prosperity.
If I may ask a rhetorical question, what brings SATISFACTION? We will come up with answers such as, Power, Money, Fame, Materialism, Houses, Women, Men, Happiness, Family, Alcohol, Entertainment ETC. But really, satisfaction cannot be found in any of these areas, unless if and when we are right on target doing the exact purpose for which God has initially given us life. In short being in the CENTER of God’s will. Then the question next, Pastor, how can I know that? That is what our discussion is all about today. (KNOW THE WORD OF GOD)
Proverbs 13:22 Read
I need some volunteers: But before you volunteer, I want to let you know up front what your volunteering entails. I have made some contacts with some cosmetic surgeons and they are willing to do the body shift transfer. They will be taking some peoples mouth and transport it as their Anus, Vice versa. The doctors will also be altering your foot in exchange with your arms. Now that you know, how many will like to volunteer for this project.
I find no volunteers. You know why? Because it is completely stupid. We strongly believe that God has placed all the parts in our body where he wanted them exactly. But when it comes to the BODY of Christ, we are unanimously in agreement that God cannot be in charge. In fact, that he has made some mistakes in the way in which he has placed us all. (Grocery Store and Mother pushing pram with other child hanging on, the weight) Similarly, that’s the way most of us are handling our spiritual situation with God, and we have already concluded that if you want to be prosperous, stay the hell away from God and the church. The exact reasons why Christians go to church but have nothing to do with reading the Bible.
God says the wicked store up riches for the righteous. HOW PASTOR? LESSONS TO LEARN: You will notice that one of the remarkable aspects in the lives of servants of God as against None-God worshippers was the prosperity elevation God gave to them as against the latter. This truth has been highly misconstrued by the church today and Pastor are riveting their congregations forcing money out of them. Yet they are compromising the word and teaching false doctrine.
I am glad you asked. To answer your question, I will like all of us to turn to our Bibles to 1 Kings 10:1-29. Let us examine how the scripture we just questions got fulfilled in the life of King Solomon. And what makes the difference. Solomon was vast in the word of God. This is why in this church; we are trying to assist all of you by emphasizing on the FOCUS on the word of God.
Who was the queen of Sheba? The queen of the Kingdom of SABA – YEMAN. In 10 BC also known as BILGIS and MAKEDA. He kingdom influenced the entire then world, Judaism, Islamic, Ethiopians. She was described as a NEBULOUS PERSON. Nebulous, Adjective meaning: Indistinct, indefinite, unclear, vague, hazy, cloudy, misty, blurred blurry, foggy, ill-defined imprecise, muddled confused, ambiguous. A clear description A lunatic, crazy or insane person. An individual with such description there is little that could be accomplished and nothing can easily convince or convict her.
This was the personality that was willing to come see King Solomon. Why because He has the word of wisdom in his mouth. I want you to picture the two Royalty seating down talking. Solomon doesn’t know this woman, but she has heard about Solomon. As King Solomon continue to share the word of God to her as she keeps loading him with questions, she began to experience a breakthrough from within. The madness was disappearing; Insanity was bowing down to the authority of God.
This woman got up and said, half of what was told to me could not be compared with what I have seen. She started narrating all the things that impressed her. Finally, she decides to leave. She called one of her trusted confident, bring me my gold trunk. She gave 120talent of Gold
CALCULATIONS (1000 pennyweight gold equivalent to 1 gram today's rate $1500. 23.2 Gram equals 1 talent. Let’s talk money $1500x23.2=34,800 x120 =$4,176,000Todays currency. She also became the propaganda for affiliation for Solomon among the other heathen nations.
We are claiming that the Lord does not provide. Go back to where we started, we don’t want to be in the word of God that will deliver us and equip us and show us how we can prosper. Those whom God has already appointed and ordained to be the providers for his house are becoming stingy. Those whom he had blessed for financially for his own purpose are spending the money frivolously on their own selfish ends. That way we have turned God proposals upside down. Now the wicked are removing the wealth from the hands of the righteous.
God is not wrong, you and I are wrong.
You remember when we started I asked for volunteers, nobody did. Because of what would involve in the transplant. But guess what, we are doing the same every day. We are jeopardizing our areas in the body where God has placed us and doing what we think is of benefit to us…